Named after the mythical bird of fire and rebirth, the course of the company Phoenix, has followed its namesake.
 The flight began April 1, 1966 with the purchase and remodeling of an industrial building on Davison Street in Detroit. Phoenix outgrew its original nest despite a new addition that tripled its size. The nest was moved to Stephens Road in Warren. Again, growth caused it to burst at the seams. This time, a new facility was custom designed on Groesbeck in Warren.

The experiences of remodeling, designing, then building additions and, finally, custom designing an industrial park, gave birth to the current Phoenix as it exists today. Phoenix moved to 23 Mile and Chesterfield Roads to wide-open spaces and dreams of an industrial complex designed with pre stressed concrete panels.

Phoenix Contracting was honored by Hour Magazine as one of the top 20 builders in Michigan. We also received the Model Home Award by Parade of Homes, and is a Platinum Member of the Chamber of Commerce and a member of Parade of Distinguished Homes. Additionally, we are also a member of the National Association of Home Builders.

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